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For almost ten years, I worked for the US Congress. First the Senate and then the House. While there I thought I knew what was going on, and I did, in large part. At least about some things. But I was also sucked in by the culture and power and sex and money and everything else corrupting about the system. I think about that failing often. I wish I had behaved differently. At the same time, I actively pursued good outcomes and policy, I wanted to improve the system and the lives of all Americans, and I wanted to deal in reality and not spin. Seem contradictory? It is, I was and I was not alone.

I've been out since the start of the Obama Administration, but I know that it is still the same. Both parties, no matter who wins or loses, are the same.

I am here mostly to read the thoughts of others and, on a good day, have some dialog with others. I recognize that forums such as this often attract and display the worst in people. I accept that and give in to the temptations, too. But on ZH I also see a glimmer of gold under the surfaces and I am here to mine it. That's right; gold bitches! :)

Edit: I have long held the view that there is wisdom in crowds and that over the long arc of time, people will do the right thing. I no longer believe that. Too many people are mean, stupid and want to be managed like the sheep we are. The only thing that has ever and will ever save us from our selves is the good luck to exist on such a resource rich planet and that for most of history the truly stupid died before they could breed too much.


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