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Max Keiser is a lying toolbag!

Max recently exposed himself as a tool by smearing Mises, Austrian Economics, and everyone else associated with them, by making an argument that anyone who spent five minutes Googling could instantly debunk.

Thing is, he knows his audience won't do that. So he lays on the lies (or are they "truths" if he's so stupid to believe them?) resorting to pure character assassination to Tom Woods (who did the Googling for him).

Tyler, why is this phony's blog page still on your roll? Until he acts like an adult with respect to Tom Woods, he is nothing but yet another agent provocateur, twisting logic (if he ever uses it) while relying on ad hominem attacks for the entire substance of his argument (go to if you don't believe me).

His name appearing anywhere on this site is an absolute disgrace, and I will post this notice in every thread I see that relies on his evil nature to make any point.

That said... I'm just an armchair economist of the anarcho-capitalist flavor, who was deeply moved by the teachings of Ludwig von Mises and his greatest champion, Murray Rothbard, who clearly demonstrates the parasitic nature of the apparatus of control d.b.a. "the state." I believe the only healthy society is a free society, where individuals are not only allowed to meet their needs, but defend their interests in a justice system based upon voluntary cooperation. Any claims by the state over me are based upon coercion, and thus are morally and ethically void. I am responsible for my own life, and so is everyone else. To utilize violence to forcibly place some under the rule of others is to enslave them to a criminal cartel. (See F. Hayek for details.)

Pretty much everything else I post about should be noted as sarcastic in nature (inspired by the likes of George Carlin and Mark Twain).

Oh, and there is no such thing as a "necessary evil." There is only evil. Its name is Apathy (pronounced "Keiser").


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