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Capitalist Exploits exists as a meeting place for investors, entrepreneurs, and those managing their capital in a world increasingly perverse and riddled with dangerous thoughts.

My name is Chris MacIntosh and I am a professional investor who’s been smart enough (or lucky enough - I’ve certainly had luck) to turn pennies into pounds during the course of my professional life.

Ever since buying my proverbial ticket out of South Africa at the age of 18 - through speculating on the collapse of the South African rand I've been fascinated by investments which provide an asymmetric payoff.

After spending my early years at investment banks in London and NYC, I set out to pursue asymmetric returns with my own capital.

Since leaving the corporate world 15 years ago, I've both made and lost many millions. I've built businesses, speculated in countries, and markets most have never even heard off and honed my skills producing returns allowing me to live a life less ordinary.

A lifestyle decision found me trading my personal capital in the options markets producing consistent double digit returns. In the early 2000's I took a small amount of capital and built a real estate investment business growing seed capital 60X before selling it in late 2006 ahead of the GFC.

Sensing that startup companies would be the next fertile ground for outsized returns, I started focusing more on investing in early stage businesses co-founding a boutique investment syndicate which between 2012 and early 2016 deployed over $30M into a wide range of exciting global early stage businesses, and invested together with some of the world’s shrewdest investors (although I can’t disclose their names, I’m sure you’d recognize at least a few of them).

So on this site, you will find some of the strategies used which have led to my own admittedly remarkable and often surprising (for me) successes, including some of the lessons learned from my failures in the hope that you and I don’t repeat them.

I have experienced, luck, hubris, despair and every emotion which accompanies a life so deeply involved in finance that I would not know the world without it.

As you can tell by now, I’m first and foremost an investor. My belief is that it is more vital than ever to keep your eyes open to opportunities all over the world to succeed in the challenging economic and political environment of today.

Despite my bias, my investment agenda has always been very simple: to find a home for my capital to earn the best possible return.

It’s seldom as simple as it sounds, though.

There’s such a plethora of inaccurate crap and incomplete information out there about investing, most of it is pimped by people who only want to sell you something and don’t care if you make or lose money.

With that in mind, I see Capitalist Exploits as a discussion of my successes (as well as flops), lessons learned, and a running commentary of my ongoing activities in the global investment arena.

I weigh on some of the lessons I have learned over the years that have assisted me in becoming successful in what we do, and enabling me to live a life that I would have been envious of if I were not living it.

I have experienced the euphoria that comes with turning pennies into pounds as well as the shame, anger and despair that comes with losing more money than many people will see in their lives. I discuss some of what I am involved in at present where appropriate.

Here’s what some of our valued readers have to say about Capitalist Exploits:

“CapEx and the guys behind it know human behavior and aren’t all suited up puffing their chests in front of potential investors while dreaming of only positive outcomes and great riches.

There is so little TRUTH in the world these days, finding networks and investments that are built upon it is like finding untapped and untouched alpine spring water. You gotta know what is filthy and questionable before you can appreciate the few pure plays, if you are lucky and diligent enough to uncover them.” – P.S., China

"Hey Chris I discovered you today on Zero Hedge (Aussie real estate bubble) and have now read several of your posts, most are "stone cold masterpieces" of analysis and insight. Unlike many I discover on ZH, your world view is not yet easy to summarize. Despite appearing to recognise where the multi bubble Ponzi scheme is ultimately heading, you appear to still have enough faith in the system to deploy capital into paper assets when you see asymmetries. I see a blow up inevitably occurring where even the winners of bets, will be losers when counter parties cannot pay."

- Steve Jones

So, if you are an intrepid investor who seeks to enrich his life – financially as well as intellectually – you’ve come to the right place.

"I've been a long time subscriber to Capitalist Exploits, which I find to be a tremendous source of information. Thank you for your constant work to provide an alternative view to investing!"

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